Removing the varnish and carbon deposits that accumulate in the engine’s combustion chambers, inlet and exhaust manifolds, has numerous benefits.



Rather than strip down your engine to de-coke the combustion chambers all you need to do is apply the Ecotek PowerBoost liquid via your air intake with the engine running for 8 minutes and you can remove the carbon and varnish deposits from inside your engine.

PowerBoost comes in a 600ml aerosol with attachable tubes and full instructions (contained in the cap). Further details are available here.

All you do is inject the contents of the can into the inlet manifold with the engine running over approx 8 minutes (with a break mid way to prevent overheating) and then take your car for a spin - and you'll notice the difference immediately!

As recommended in The Sunday Times
In Gear Magazine Click on the article for a readable pdf. Watch the Video below for application instructions

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This will give more engine power, crisper acceleration, better throttle response, higher top speed as well as reduced emissions and improved economy.

There is no substitute for a PowerBoost treatment if you want to make sure your engine is running at peak efficiency and maximum performance.

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HiQ are getting an 75% plus MoT emission re-test pass rate using PowerBoost!

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PowerBoost Press 

"The car picked up far quicker, especially out of corners and the smoothness of the engine was incredible."  Classics Magazine

In Gear Feb 2011

PowerBoost recommendation


A number of centre managers are boasting great results after diagnosing MOT emission failures by using a simple, effective aerosol, from Ecotek Technologies.

HiQ Guildford, Ilkeston and Horley are all benefiting from the Ecotek Powerboost, which is injected into the engines of cars with poor performance, increased emissions and increased fuel consumption.

HiQ Ilkeston's MOT tester Paul Slaney said: "I've actually used the product on my own vehicle and was impressed by the results.

"It is relatively simple to use and is a good product. It has increased the car's fuel economy by a good two or three pence per gallon, while it is smoother and easier to start as a result.

"The customer feedback has been encouraging too. Using the Ecotek Powerboost has got a number of cars through their emissions and drivers have reported an improvement in all-round performance."